A vehicle tire getting a 4 wheel alignment

Why Your Vehicle Needs a 4-Wheel Alignment

Is your car, truck or SUV feeling a little bumpy or out-of-control on turns? The daily wear and tear that our vehicles are subjected to can really damage everything from your tires to your alignment. If you want to ensure that you always have smooth cruising in town and on the interstate, it may be time to schedule a 4 wheel alignment for your vehicle.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of aligning your vehicle, it is exactly what it sounds like: ensuring that all tires are pointing in the proper direction. This type of “alignment” improves your ability to control the vehicle, helps reduce driver fatigue, and even increases the life of your tires. Everything from hitting a pothole during your daily commute to driving over a curb can cause your vehicle’s alignment to shift. Normal wear and tear on your vehicle’s suspension components can also cause a shift in alignment.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Alignment

While there may be some subtle warning signs that your vehicle needs a 4 wheel alignment, it’s best to schedule an annual check-up with your local Minooka auto repair shop. If you know you’ve been driving through a pothole-ridden area, are feeling your vehicle pulling a bit to one side, or your car’s just feeling “bumpier” than usual – having your vehicle aligned may improve the safety, comfort, and driveability of your vehicle. 

Pay attention to your steering wheel, as this can be a strong indicator that an alignment is needed. Vibrations in your steering wheel, loose or wandering steering, or a steering wheel that’s off-center are all warning signs that it’s time to head to the auto repair shop for an alignment. Your car might even drift into other lanes or feel as though it’s “pulling” in a specific direction as you drive if it is out of alignment.

The other time you’ll need an alignment is when you replace your tires. Once an abnormal wear pattern begins on a tire, it’s nearly impossible to correct. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your vehicle is aligned properly before driving on new tires.

Benefits of a 4-Wheel Alignment

Let’s face it: tires are expensive! You want to do everything possible to ensure that your tires have a long and happy life on your vehicle. That means maintaining proper wheel alignment to ensure your tires wear evenly. A vehicle that is out of alignment can cause handling issues, reduce your fuel mileage and cause your tires to wear out prematurely.

You should get a full, 4-wheel alignment no less than annually to ensure that your vehicle stays in top working order. When you’re ready to schedule your alignment, reach out to the professionals at Wyman Automotive in the Minooka, IL area. Our customers rely on us to make great recommendations and to keep them safe on the road. We offer auto repair services such as alignments, tires, maintenance and vehicle diagnostics — call us at 815-255-5110 or schedule your next appointment online anytime!

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