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Why We Are ASE Certified (And Why It Matters to You!)

If you feel like finding a motor vehicle mechanic you can trust is near impossible, you’re not alone. Many people find they have a difficult time locating a mechanic that is experienced enough to handle complicated vehicle repairs, or who will provide services at a fair price.

Knowing that a mechanic is ASE Certified can help you select a reliable, trustworthy automobile service provider. Here’s what you should know about ASE Certification and why it matters when it comes to your vehicle.What Is ASE Certification?

The National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence is a group of mechanics and industry professionals that certify repair shops and mechanics across the United States and Canada. ASE Certification was designed to help consumers differentiate between reliable mechanics and repair shops with less experience and dedication to customer service so they can make an informed decision about what professionals they take their vehicles to for service.

Who Can Get ASE Certified?

Automotive industry service advisors and technicians can become ASE Certified. Many auto repair shops will sponsor an employee and help them get the experience needed to meet ASE requirements and pass the exam. In addition to individual automotive professionals, the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence also offers certifications for repair shops as a whole. If 75% of the automotive technicians who work at a facility are ASE Certified, the auto repair shop may qualify for the Blue Seal of Excellence certification.

How Do Mechanics Obtain ASE Certification?

Service technicians and professionals are required to take a test and meet a minimum hands-on experience requirement. The test to become ASE Certified is considered fairly challenging; only two-thirds of professionals pass the exam on their first attempt. In addition to completing and passing the ASE test, an automotive professional must also meet the following work history and/or educational requirements:

  • Two years of full-time on-the-job mechanic training, or
  • One year of full-time on-the-job mechanic training and two years of education in auto repair

Once a mechanic becomes ASE Certified, they must retest and pass again every five years to maintain their certification status. ASE Certification is designed to be difficult, so consumers can trust that a certified repair shop has the skill and expertise needed to provide them with a superior level of service.

What Value Does ASE Certification Provide the Customer?

ASE Certification differentiates repair facilities with superior knowledge and skill in the automotive industry and can help consumers select reliable, trustworthy automobile repair service providers.

Wyman Automotive Provides ASE Certified Vehicle Repair and Service

Wyman Automotive is proud to work with all of our mechanics and service advisors to help them obtain ASE Certification. We believe it’s a key part of ensuring we’re providing the best possible service we can to our valued customers. Contact us today at 815-255-5110 to book your vehicle service and repair appointment with one of our ASE Certified mechanics.

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