Vehicle inspections at wyman automotive

Vehicle Inspections at Wyman Automotive

Make Sure Your Car Is Happy and Healthy with Our Inspection Process

You depend on your car to get to school, work, and even to run errands around town. If you turn the key and your car doesn’t start, how are you going to complete your daily routine? What’s worse is that you could be facing a large repair bill. This is why vehicle inspections are so important. The goal of any vehicle inspection is to make sure the car is healthy, helping to avoid these major repairs. There are a few points that everyone should keep in mind when it comes to the vehicle inspection process.

Why Car Inspections Matter

As your mechanic, it is our responsibility to ensure that your car is both safe and reliable. Getting an inspection for a car is very similar to going to the doctor for an annual physical. The doctor’s job is to make sure that his or her patient is healthy by identifying medical problems before they lead to symptoms. The same is true when it comes to car inspections. We want to avoid expensive repairs that could leave you without a car for an extended period of time. Our goal is to detect problems with your car before they seriously damage your car.

The Most Common Issues Caught During an Inspection

There are several common issues that we catch during our inspection process. Some of the most frequent problems we uncover include:

  • Underinflated Tires: In order for your car to be both safe and reliable, the tires need to be inflated properly. Underinflated tires can cause premature tire wear, impact your car’s handling, and hurt your gas mileage.
  • Dirty Filters: You want to have clean air and fluids in your car. Your filters catch particulates, dust, and debris. However, if your filters are dirty, this places undue stress and causes wear to your vehicle’s various filtered systems.
  • Worn Out Steering: Your steering components are made up of tie rods and ball joints that are integral to the safety of your vehicle. Over time, these get worn out and need to be replaced.
  • Fluid Leaks: All of your car’s fluids play important roles. Sometimes, there are fluid leaks that go undetected. A proper inspection will find these leaks before they become stains on your driveway.

When an Inspection Is Necessary

There are a few key times when a car inspection is necessary. These include:

  • Before buying a used car
  • Prior to a major road trip
  • Before sending a child off to college
  • Between the seasons

Furthermore, it is important for every car to be inspected at least once per year. This can go a long way toward avoiding costly repairs.

The Types of Inspections

There are two types of inspections that we perform on a regular basis. For every car that comes to the shop, we provide a free, basic inspection that has been designed to catch major issues.

In addition, we also provide a major pre-purchase inspection that is far more in-depth. While this inspection does cost money, we design this inspection to catch anything that might arise. This is an ideal inspection if you are considering purchasing a car. It will give you peace of mind in knowing that you’re purchasing a good vehicle.

Contact Wyman Automotive Today!

If it has been a while since your car has had an inspection, we are here to help. As an auto repair shop in Minooka, IL, we are your one-stop-shop for all of your automotive needs. Contact us today to schedule your next car inspection!

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