man blows into his hands to warm up in car while wife looks on worried in winter

Is Your Car Heater Ready for Winter Temperatures?

It’s easy to forget about your car’s heater during the long hot summer months when suddenly the cold weather hits in Minooka, Il. The last thing you want is to find at the most inopportune time that your heater isn’t working. Not preparing your heating system in advance means that the long ride to work just got longer with ice and snow on the windshield that just won’t melt.

When the engine is running correctly, it creates heat, which is then dispersed into the air outside through the radiator via coolant. The water pump then pushes the coolant either through the cooling system or the heater core. When the air goes through the heater core, it becomes the hot air that heats your car’s passenger cabin.

There are several reasons why a car heater may not work correctly, and when it comes to your car heater, we make maintenance very simple here at Wyman Automotive. Here are the steps we take to ensure you and your car are ready for the winter.

Check the Air Conditioning System

One of the first things we do when winterizing cars, trucks or SUVs is check the air conditioner for proper operation. It may surprise you that although you don’t use the air conditioning in winter, the air conditioning system removes moisture from any air blowing through the vents. While a properly functioning air conditioner won’t keep your car warm in the winter, it does make defrosting the windshield and side mirrors work far more efficiently.

Check the Cooling System

We find that over time is, the additives in your car’s antifreeze start to wear out. When this happens, it’s challenging to regulate the engine’s temperature and resist the freezing cold temperatures outside. The heater in your car only works well when the circulation of warm antifreeze keeps the cabin toasty warm before cooling down in the radiator.

We also check that debris in the cooling system is not clogging the heater core. Old dried out hoses start to leak in the extreme cold as they shrink away from its hardpoints. A leaking heater core makes a mess and damages your car, and if the toxic antifreeze is ingested, it makes a person very ill.

By checking your car’s cooling system, we ensure it’s in good shape before the winter weather sets in. By conducting a pressure test, we are able to make sure no leaks are detected, and everything is flowing as smoothly as it should.

Check For Blower Noise

A car’s heating system works by relying on a blower to send warm air into the passenger cabin. Over time, the electric blower wears out like most things, resulting in a significantly reduced airflow. By checking the blower noise levels, we can tell if there are any unusual noises like clunking, screeching, and metal-on-metal sounds that are likely to cause a problem. Any of these sounds may be an indication that the motor may need replacing.


We know your time is precious, which is why we want to make sure all your vehicle needs are covered. At Wyman Automotive, we are dedicated to delivering quality services. It makes sense to deal with winter maintenance before temperatures drop and the snow begins to fall.

Call us at 815-255-5110 or schedule an appointment online to check your car’s heater maintenance. We can help give you peace of mind that you can drive through the winter months with a warm cabin.

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