Fleet Services

Let Wyman Automotive Be Your Number 1 Choice For Quality Fleet Service.

For a company with a fleet of vehicles, those vehicles need to be running for you to make money. They’re usually your second most important investment after your people. We understand the importance of keeping those vehicles in top condition, at the best price, with as little downtime as possible.

At Wyman Automotive, we would love to earn your fleet business. We say “earn” because we know that’s exactly what we’ll need to do. We want to be your trusted partner, not just a vendor.

Wyman Auto accepts the WEX Fleet card

We accept the WEX Fleet card.

Wyman Auto accepts cbCharge Fleet card

 We accept cbCharge Fleet card.

Brands We Service

Our diagnostic equipment and real-life experience will allow us to diagnose both gas and diesel trucks in the following brands:

  • Ford – Gas and Powerstroke Diesel
  • Chevrolet – Gas and Duramax Diesel
  • Ram – Gas and Cummins Diesel

We are also capable of working on all light and medium duty vans such as the Sprinter, Promaster, and Transit series vans.

Our Equipment

We’ve invested in the equipment to handle fleets of various sized vehicles. Our lifts will handle:

  • Medium duty trucks weighing as much as 16,000 pounds
  • Tall vans and trucks with tall racks and work bodies

Our alignment machine will handle vehicles up to 16,000 pounds and 15′ 8″ wheelbase.

We can mount and balance tires on all light and medium duty trucks.

To speak with us about fleet services, please call us at 815-255-5110.