EarlyBird Drop-Off

Making it easy and safe to drop off your vehicle.

During the current situation, we’ll be using the drop box and key lockers to facilitate drop off and pick up of cars to limit exposure to you and our team. We want to allow you to drop off and pick up your vehicles outside normal business hours but it will also come in handy right now to promote social distancing during COVID-19.

We believe in partnering with others to help make the process as easy as possible. So, our payment processor has made it possible for us to text a link to you to an invoice where you can make a secure credit or debit card payment online and receive a printable receipt. Once payment is received, we will text you the number of the key locker your key will be in, as well as a unique code to open the locker and retrieve your key.

1: The drop box/key lockers we use for after hours drop offs and pick up. (And, now, during the Coronavirus pandemic.)

For the foreseeable future, we encourage everyone to use the drop box by simply dropping off your car for service and using an envelope to deposit your key into the drop box. A phone call, email or text will be sent as soon as possible with updates on the service, estimates for work, etc. This helps us all maintain our social distance while still providing excellent care for you and your vehicle.

Earlybird dropoff key drop box

2: Key lockers are used to return your keys, once payment has been made. It’s convenient for you because you don’t have to rush to pick up your vehicle while we’re open. You also need not have close contact with us during the Coronavirus situation. You can pick up your car when it’s convenient for you, once payment is made online, via our secure payment processor.

Earlybird dropoff key lockers

3: When dropping off a car, simply fill out the provided envelope completely, insert only the the car key and fob. Please remove all other keys and anything else attached to the key ring. (Don’t forget to include the key for wheel locks, if your car has them.) As part of our comprehensive inspection process, we will need to remove the wheels. It’s also necessary when performing services requiring wheel removal. We will not look through a car for the wheel lock key, it must be provided for us.

Please remove all personal items and clutter from the car, including the trunk or rear cargo storage area of vans and SUVs. We need access to the spare tire, to be certain it is in good condition and properly inflated. Depending on the service we’re performing, we may also need access to areas of the passenger compartment.

Earlybird dropoff envelope

4: Once the envelope is filled out completely, simply insert your key, fob and wheel lock key into the envelope and slip it into the top slot of the drop box. Be sure to sign and seal the envelope.

Key drop slot

5: Once we’re ready to return your vehicle to you, we will send you an invoice via text. You will have the ability to view your invoice by clicking a link in the text. There you can pay by credit or debit card and receive a printable receipt. Once payment has been made, we will text you the number of the key locker your key is in, with a unique code to open the locker. You may pick up your car at your convenience.

Lockbox for picking up keys after hours

6: Once you have retrieved your keys, simply close the locker and the protective weather cover.

Take keys from lock box

We believe that you find this process to be easy, convenient and safe! Thank you for trusting Wyman Automotive. We look forward to getting to know you!