4 Wheel Alignments

Make Your Tires Last, Increase Fuel Mileage, and Keep Your Car Safe With a 4 Wheel Alignment

Aligning a vehicle is the process of adjusting the angles of the wheels in relation to the vehicle. A vehicle that is out of alignment may exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Increased Tire Wear
  • A “Pull” In Either Direction
  • Poor Handling
  • An Off-Center Steering Wheel
  • Poor Fuel Mileage (in extreme conditions of misalignment)
A mechanic performs a 4 wheel alignment on a car at Wyman Automotive in Minooka, IL

How Often Should I Get An Alignment?

There is no “standard” service interval for having an alignment done on your vehicle. Recommendations tend to range from every year to every three years. The simple answer to the question is “whenever it’s needed”.

Here is a list of times when you should definitely have your alignment checked.

  • When having your tires replaced
  • After hitting a large pothole or anything else that would cause a hard impact to one of your vehicle’s wheels
  • After being in a collision
  • If you notice uneven wear on your tires
  • If your vehicle begins to “pull” in a certain direction

At Wyman Automotive, our alignment machine is capable of handling vehicles up to 16,000 pounds and 15′ 8″ wheelbase. We welcome your medium-duty trucks and fleets.

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